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He said he needed to prioritize some things.” Vhong, however, said he and Robin were keeping in touch. “Shows like ours aren’t like the old sitcoms that featured slapstick comedy.We create funny situations based on our characters’ personalities.Valerie (Concepcion) was considered but this didn’t push through, either.However, his character, Tol, is really a family man.

And what if a worldwide leading fan-based online novel creation Wattpad may open the door for a possible project to produce child-oriented novel contents?So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.Actor-TV host Vhong Navarro belied the rumor that “Toda Max” costar Robin Padilla left the gag show because he was receiving a talent fee lower than his.“He didn’t talk to any of the cast members about his decision. Getting a personal message from someone of his stature is really something.” What he liked most about working on “Toda Max,” Vhong said, was that actors were allowed to participate in the creative process. Those that the production team liked, they incorporated on the show. We’re always looking for stories that keep viewers interested.He just sent word that he was no longer coming back and that he hoped we understood. We also make sure our antics on the show are suitable for young viewers.” Elaborate experiment He admitted that it was hard to maintain a top-rating sitcom.

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