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There's really no need for any more pixels since at 326ppi, you can't see the individual dots anyway. We've been running i OS 9 for a few short days, but as with i OS 8, apps still run as quick as ever.This is partly thanks to the fact that the A7 processor is a 64-bit chip.All versions can be found in various conditions on ebay, Gumtree and other sites of course.The 5S originally cost £549 (16GB) and £629 (32GB).Screen sizes have moved on quickly from the 4in display bestowed upon the i Phone 5S and it now feels dinky compared to even the 4.7in i Phone 6S let alone the 6S Plus with its 5.5in screen.However, not everyone wants a huge smartphone and the 5S slips into a pocket with ease, whereas Apple's latest phablet does not.Just as the i Phone 4S was almost indistinguishable from the i Phone 4, the 5S has only its rather understated golden finish and Touch ID to differentiate it from the i Phone 5. See also: Apple i Phone 5S vs i Phone 5 comparison review: What's the difference?

It's a convenient feature which is more secure than the four-digit passcode most i Phone owners use.The 5S doesn't support as many LTE bands as the newer i Phones, but you'll still be able to use it in most countries on 3G.If you're upgrading from an older i Phone the first thing you notice about the i Phone 5S is its Home button.The 5S has the useful Touch ID sensor for unlocking the phone and making purchases with your finger, but it doesn't have NFC which you need for Apple Pay and it doesn't support 802.11ac Wi-Fi.Perhaps the biggest difference is that it doesn't have the 3D Touch screen of the i Phone 6S so you can't use the new context menus in i OS 9.

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