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garlic and gingko), prolonged or inadequate anesthesia (i.e. Normal respiration relies on a series of structures that conduct air into and out of the lungs. Neck mobility The ASA score is a subjective assessment of a patient’s overall health that is based on five classes (I to V). These complications range in severity from transient, minor oxygen desaturation, to life threatening events such as apnea, shock/hypotension and myocardial infarction. An understanding of the functional anatomy of this region is critical to airway management. It is a risk index classification of the American Society of Anesthesiology (ASA). The appropriate guidelines and policies governing sedation at the hospital or ambulatory surgical facility where it is performed should be maintained at all times. By the time the patient arrives to his/her procedure, it may already be too late to stop potential drug-to-drug interactions with herbals. Protocols for Practice: Noninvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring.

Standardized nursing assessment and interventions before, during and following a procedure should be included: Ingested Material: Clear Liquids Minimum Fasting Period: 2 hours Ingested Material: Breast Milk Minimum Fasting Period: 4 hours Ingested Material: Instant Formula Minimum Fasting Period: 6 hours Ingested Material: Nonhuman Milk Minimum Fasting Period: 6 hours Ingested Material: Light Meal Minimum Fasting Period: 6 hours *All appropriate sizes should be available Back to top Herbals are just one type of dietary supplements as defined by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Licorice and ginseng in particular have been associated with toxicities from overuse. (FDA) has classified the following supplements as high risk and therefore need be avoided by all patients: Preprocedure assessment of herbals should commence in the primary care setting before the patient is actually referred to gastroenterology for a procedure. Much of the information on adverse effects related to herbal supplements has focused around the following problems: Warfarin is the most common physician prescribed pharmaceutical cited to have negative interactions with herbals. John's Wort is the most frequent herbal product reported as being associated with adverse interaction effect with drugs. In addition, herbal supplements that are not known to cause adverse effects when taken at the recommended doses may have toxic effects if extremely high doses are used. Moderate Sedation/Analgesia: Core Competencies for Practice, 2nd Ed.

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This is because of potential interactions between herbals the patient is taking and the anesthesia drugs and other medications that may be administered during the procedure. Medline Plus: Drugs, Supplements, and Herbal Information. The handbook of Emergency Cardiovascular Care for Healthcare Providers.

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