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As a big fan of hers, I gotta ask, do you like her even if she is a diva?

We caught up with Agron the morning after opening night. I want to be in a movie with him; a two-hander with Tom Waits – I want someone to write that script. ” Those nights happen in the most random situations – it’s never a New Year’s Eve or a birthday because you can’t try hard for those nights, they just have to happen organically. Workwise, the couple are busy: Marshall is coming off the release of Mumford & Sons' EP Johannesburg, while Agron has completed four movies (in different stages of production) on their way to the cinema. She's young and gorgeous, so why not live it up; I just hope she doesn't get a bad rep for it (the way guys don't! I'd love to see her and the equally beautiful Mark Salling get together! Lucky guys though to even be rumored to be in a relaysh with Dianna (leaving the luckiest and hunkiest of all to nab her as a GF, no doubt).While my boxer-princess may not be a rescue dog, she is what saves me from going crazy sometimes. Dear Glam Squad: Both of the gals do actually, ya know, occasionally work.You just probably haven't heard of any of their recent projects.

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