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He used to visit four different scholars daily; one after Fajr, another after Thuhur, another after Maghrib and another after Ishā’.And he stayed upon this routine day in and day out, except for Fridays, until he began studying from all the schools of Fiqh [Mathāhib] and the selected opinions of Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Al-Qayyim and Ibn Hazm may Allāh be be merciful to them.

He was one of nine sons; three older brothers and five younger.

From the scholar’s lips, extending all the way back to the Messenger of Allāh صلى وسلم عليه .اهللاThis took place on 18/8/1413H.

Later, he traveled to Makkah and sat with the scholars there and received similar licenses to teach in the other books of the Sunnah, Tafsīr and jurisprudence.

And may the Peace and Blessings of Allah, be upon our Final Prophet, Muhammad and his family and companions and those who follow them in truth until the Final Hour.

And all Praise is due to Allāh, the Lord of all that exists.

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When asked about how much time he spends in reading, memorizing and reviewing, the Shaykh responded, ”, [Pages from the Life of the Virtuous Shaykh Sulaymān Ibn Nāsir Al-‘Ulwān], prepared by Abū Muhammad Yūsuf As-Sālih.

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