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“To celebrate” her 18th revolution around the sun, they write, “there will be a birthday party at a club and she will be embarking on a romantic trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with Justin Bieber.” Well, if you had any doubts, world: There you go.

Sofia even went on the record about her budding love.

“We have a special relationship,” she said of herself and Bieber (OK to just call them Bichie? “Justin is very easy to talk to, and that’s hard to find with people in Los Angeles,” she added, sounding like a weary old soul.

Her dad, Lionel Richie, actually called her an “old soul” in the interview, which depicts her as a super chill “model, aspiring designer and singer.” He continued, “When she starts talking about her life, her music, her style, it’s ­definite she has been here before.

Everhart, 45, wore a strapless lace dress with a tulle skirt as she was joined by her bridesmaids, which included model Sandra Taylor. F…He is my Man." PHOTOS: Celebs' early modeling years The former Sports Illustrated model and actress announced she and Ferro were engaged via Twitter back in April. " PHOTOS: Wedding dress predictions The couple later revealed that Ferro, the co-founder of the meal-delivery service Sunfare, popped the question in a Redbury Hotel elevator in Hollywood.

Sophia Rose, eight months, is now well after a much covered operation (parental prayers and avowals of love faithfully recorded by the tabloids). Dating Jennifer after separating from his pneumatic giantess of a wife Brigitte Nielsen, Sly then decided to scarper and practise his naughty boy routine. Now on honeymoon in Dublin, and reported to be two months pregnant, she's still being photographed.

"I carried my wedding dress around for a month, with the shoes and the veil," said Jennifer, 28.

"I don't think I could have lasted much longer - I was emotionally drained it was only when we got to London that he told me - the day before the wedding." Feminism is flourishing, then.

He was suddenly engaged to flame-haired model Angie Everhart, current on-off wife of Ashley Hamilton (formerly married for two minutes to wild child Shannen Doherty). He was then supposed to have fathered an infant girl, Savannah, by model Janice Dickinson. One in a long tradition of patient girlfriends led by Queen Marla Maples, her fame will probably last just as long as her marriage.

Angie Everhart full name Angela Kay Everhart s an American actress and former model.

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Jennifer, as of last week Mrs Rambo, has played the eternal sidekick for nine years.

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