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Some people also exaggerate their age, interests or accomplishments to make themselves seem more interesting — as well as enlisting their funniest friends to ghostwrite their bios.Most people are familiar with the trend, but dating app Hinge was the first to put a name to it.There can be so many things that may feel like they eat into the time you could be spending with another person.That whole starting out phase can take ages – will we or won’t we, does he actually want a relationship right now, is she actually interested in pursuing something further, do we have enough in common to start somewhere… Many people stay in this region in their relationships for a long time. Something I think is definitely good about online options, and I think most people who use them with success would agree, is that they take a lot of this awkward starting out time and gives what can sometimes be a stronger starting point.

And I was going to flat out categorize each of these under good or bad, but in truth there may be good and bad in all of them.

Either way, if we can’t do face to face in person, if we can’t relate to people in their humanity or hold good conversations, whichever dating approach we take, things probably won’t last too long. As much as online dating options are put forward as ways to find your soulmate and lasting commitment, the majority of users are still in it for a casual fling.

Just throw the word “Tinder” into your search engine of choice and have a look at how many articles there are pertaining to getting laid in your first few dates. Usually we really just mean we’re looking for sex, otherwise you could just go hang out with some of your acquaintances or friends.

Now don’t get me wrong here, I have plenty of friends and work colleagues who found love online and ended up happy ever after-ing, or are on their way there. But for every person who succeeds, it seems there are also a whole bunch of horror stories out there involving putting up someone else’s photo as your profile pic, lying about your interests, or constantly being badgered for naked pics by someone who turned out to be 30 years older than you.

So there’s a lot of good and a lot of bad out there.

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According to a recent survey, 38 percent of men feel they have been kittenfished — as well as 24 percent of women.

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