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Typical uses of the drawings are i) conversion to pictures for sharing (e.g. Open source software would of course be good, but I see this (for Let me just start with an old chestnut comment about OS vs commercial (CS) for OSDD.in Github posts, papers), ii) analysis of the structure in some way using other tools or iii) extraction of strings such as SMILES. As @mattodd says utility/robustness ranks highly if costs can be managed.NOBA the In Ch Is and SMILES from the paper and/or supp dat would render as paste-ins for any sketcher/search front-ends worth using.The less experienced won't need this for searching anyway since Pub Chem pre-computes 2D and 3D neighbours (see #528) For the record, in a past publication (https://gov/pubmed/23506624) I managed to pull the Pub Chem files into Marvin, drop the image out and paste across to, you guessed it, MSWord. Perhaps access to a solution for all contributors to OSM?Stating the obvious the I/Os for any CS can be set free as a bird and be totally open, but we just can't hack their code base.v=OKLw9Ba Qz Y0 (see comment at ~14 mins on CDX/Marvin) and I also wrote a paper with them https://gov/pubmed/23618056 Thanks, @cdsouthan .

File formats like are binary file formats so you can't even open it in a text editor as a last resort, .mol, even SMILES probably offer greater flexibility.

By direct collaboration with an agile publisher for our forthcoming S4 paper (e.g.

but not limited to F1000 research) we could contrive to juxtapose live Pub Chem links below each of the pictured final compounds (n.b. At the risk of sounding heretical the necessity for high-res structure renderings is thereby diminished.

One is those of us contributing frequently and for whom software might be available through our institutions.

The other is someone coming to the project for the first time from elsewhere, who would like to contribute but who may not have resources. a school student, a retired pharma scientist, anyone.

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