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Two files are included with this implementation: is used to improve upload time.

Note: if you replace your existing version of you must also copy to the same directory!

The uploaded files are accessed through the Files Collection of the File Uploader object.

The Files Collection is a set of Uploaded File objects that represent each file uploaded.

Jacob Gilley's Pure ASP File Upload is an effective, free method for uploading user files to your server.

There are two places you can save the uploaded files..your hard-drive or to a database.

We needed to be able to view all the files as well. It just runs through the database until it reaches End Of File (EOF) and displays the filenames as links to that file.

It requires Lewis Moten's Data file to work but there is no need to modify it.

The File Uploader Library was the solution and now I want to share my work with fellow developers.

The library consists of two VBScript classes: File Uploader and Uploaded File.

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Then there are the COM components that you can buy that do what you want and more, but cost an arm and leg to obtain.

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