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Taking many forms, from roundtable dialogues to discretely penned responses, these collected replies seek to not only unite or divide actors in our home area, but to also amplify discussion between them, and with the world at large.Debate consultant: Liesbeth Levy This section acts as the nexus for several international correspondents to question how their respective cultural fields have taken, and are taking, shape. What are the socio-political environments and histories within these fields?Billy Holiday once made a simple, yet prescient observation; when she was coming off drugs, she didn’t like to watch Television.Although this could be seen as a passing comment, such an association ties imagery to narcotics as twinned devices that can both stimulate and anesthetize.Here, Wd W Review solicits independent considerations on a shared time and/or place so as to question how context is constructed through the banding together of various perspectives.Bound together into unique sets, each featuring a different setting respectively, these collections also look toward under-examined events and situations that have influenced or underlay how we live today.

In 2006 the Smithsonian Archives of American Art began digitizing all the Jackson Pollock and Lee Krasner papers, photographs and ephemera in the archives.American and Canadian Plays British and Irish Plays Shakespeare's Plays Greek and Roman Plays French and Russian Plays Plays from Other European Countries Plays from Africa, Asia, and South America A director is responsible for the staging of the play.He or she interprets the play text and identifies his or her directorial intentions regarding how the play will be presented and the impact he or she wishes to have on a particular audience.The director works with actors and a production team to stage the play, transforming ideas into action.It is a record of the director’s personal process of interpreting the play, developing a directorial intention and an idea of what impact he or she wants the play to have on an audience.

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