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And yet, all that said, one of my favorite eps is S1 when Bones is framed for murder in New Orleans b/c of all the great relationship stuff that happens and the fact that both of them are doing what they do best in the wheelhouse of their skills. I'm not quite buying into the whole "family" thing with Booth and Bones and the baby.I am also a sucka for a man who comes running without being asked when his woman's in trouble. I guess because I was so let down with how it all developed after so many seasons of building up to it. I love the show - dialogue, quirky behavior, and everything in between.

) I loved how the writers built their relationship on mutual respect and trust, with enough differences where they complement each other as well as grow frustrated at times.

My second favorite is the two-parter in London, perhaps for obvious reasons (LONDON). I tried again this season b/c I wanted to see how they handled Booth and Bones finally together. But Bones' TSTL moments do have me rolling my eyes.

That said, the audience TOTALLY got shafted with the Bones/Booth relationship, all because what's her butt got pregnant and the writers and producers went all QUICK! I also totally agree about Zach and the apprenticeship, and equally loathe Daisy, but have to vere left w/Nigel-Murray as I found him adorable. :) @ Redline -- thanks for the mention about CASTLE, and I do totally think that a relationship can work even in a crime show like BONES. It worked in X-Files (some of the other things didn't work, but had they ended it with Season 7 it would have been much better.) @Kiersten -- wait, I loved Nigel-Murray too!

The love story was an added bonus, like in many romantic thrillers, and there are plenty of natural conflicts between Booth’s world-view and Brennan’s to keep the ebb and flow of tension. A former consultant in the California State Legislature, she lives in Northern California with her husband Dan and their five children. Bones does act TSTL in several places where it doesn't make sense for her to do it. It takes care and time to write a long-term relationship within a broader story without making it sacharine and boring. I also would have liked to see a kiss--a REAL kiss--before lights out. I also really liked how Bones admitted that she missed Christine and didn't understand the feelings.

That she's clueless as far as human interaction is part of her charm. I like to imagine that there is a missing season where they had their first kiss, their first date and a whole bunch of other stuff before they got knocked up and this season started. I'm liking this new season, but I'd really like to see a bit more of their conflicts as well as their affection. I remember the first time I left my firstborn at day care and how emotionally debilitating those first few months of separation were.

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There are a million little things the writers could have thrown into the flow of the crime-of-the-week.

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