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But seriously, the current plan is to have a free version for public / open source code you don’t mind sharing with the world.

There’s a little button that says SHOW and when you click on that, another browser window opens up showing you your website as it appears to the world.

Download your source code and host it anywhere and you’re back in business.

For now it’s all just a beta so don’t worry too much about that!

The best way to explain that is with a little tour.

“What if I literally type ‘DELETE * FROM USERS’ on my way to typing ‘WHERE id=9283’, do I lose all my user data?

Bei Problemen wende Dich einfach über das Kontaktformular an uns und wir helfen gerne weiter!

First aired on MBC in Korea from January 11 - March 30, 2006 on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 9 55pm. Over there in the IDE, in the bottom left, you see some client side files.Again, notice what you DIDN’T do: You just typed some changes and BOOM they appeared.It’s a magical kind of team programming where everything shows up instantly, like Trello, or Google Docs.” You’d be surprised just how well it does work, for most small teams and most simple programming projects.

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To keep the momentum going, Munn combs through all mentions on Twitter and makes an effort to respond as much as possible I m always watching for passionate tweets from fans who really know their football.

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