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They are being paid more than £200 an hour for evenings and weekends - work they did for free before the bungled introduction of a new contract in 2004. Now Freedom of Information requests by the Mail have uncovered the astonishing way their pay has risen, even though the average GP is working seven fewer hours a week.The investigation found one GP earning £380,000 a year and a number pocketing more than £300,000.Scott will be holding this Quiz once again, He can be easily bribed to let the female members have the correct answers,,,, Come along and join us All welcome,,,,,,, Jan 16 th 2018,,,, Start Location: The Rising Sun , Pandy, NP 7 8 DL Start Time: 7,30 pm More Details...

GPs take home 'jaw-dropping' sums thanks to bonuses and overtime payments.£100,000 would seem fair considering the fact that GPs are saving lives.' Matthew Elliott, chief executive of the Tax Payers' Alliance, said: 'Some GPs are now earning jaw-dropping amounts of money despite a reduction in their requirement to do out-of-hours work.'With many people struggling even to get appointments it is ludicrous that GP pay has soared.The fact that only 22 of 152 PCTs replied leaves the distinct possibility that there may be GPs earning more than £380,000.Many of the highest salaries are in rural areas, where doctors can earn more from locally-targeted extra payments.

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