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It is just a lot of dry humping, and some vagina flashing.English glamor model Keeley Hazell’s sex tape starts out well enough with her doing an adequate job sucking some dick.Showbiz Spy had an exclusive investigation into the entire “leaking of the Kim Kardashian sex video”, and found out that without a doubt, there was several people behind the success of the tape, and her massive rise to the Kardashian Empire!When Kim’s management team was asked about the tapes they replied: “Yes they are the real sex tapes and we are working on what direction we are going to go with the content in question”.[UPDATE] – Kim Kardashian’s sex tape video with Kanye West is now just that much more real.She is also a tremendous whore, as you can see in the video below.Of course her one redeeming quality is that she appears to have a thick musty pubic bush, but after seeing this sex tape that won’t be enough to save her from a mujahideen stoning squad.Not to mention one of the most searched adult terms for the last 10 years solid!

Joe Francis founder of the Girls Gone Wild franchise and good friend of the Kardashian family was said to have been the helping hand with his adult contacts and excellent porn empire business sense.

With the song being out for well over a month before everyone jumped on their moral high horse, why did it take so long? Ross may be Hip-Hop’s current crowned prince of sexual ignorance, but he’s damn sure not the first.

However, the situation does come with its own set questions.

If you are one of the rare people that have not watched the almost 2hr, full Kim Kardashian sex tape porn video titled ‘Kim K Superstar’ you are missing out!

The tape that was made in 05-2006 with rapper Ray J, released in 2007 and is still today the hottest selling and most watched sex tape of all time.

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