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You need to understand that the military is not a democracy and you will not be treated like an equal, because you are not.

Realize that if the day came that you chose to get out you will likely panic and try to remuster, (as witnessed when my ex got out, as well as many of his friends who got out then rejoined a short while later).You will need to prepare for isolation and having everything you are familiar with be removed from your life.Its not easy but when you go into it knowing that you will be pushed to your limits and accept that will happen, you will be further ahead than many that go in to basic training.Since I have never been in the forces I can only go based on what I saw living with a trooper and being around his buddies, that obviously does not touch the forces on a whole.My whole post was tongue in cheek, not as a way to put down soldiers. They say jump, you not only jump, but you ask for more.3.

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