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However, foundations for further study have been laid in Newfound- land and the Maritimes.

Here, rela- tive geographic isolation and a rich historical past have produced dis- tinct dialects.

Further, at the end of the initiation period, they will have met what seems to be thousands of upperclassmen, a few professors, and will have a fiar knowledge of the layout of campus buildings.

In 1957, the University of Mon- treal established a Lexicographic Research Center to help put to- gether the "Canadian Dictionary," Here, all the material, sent in from scholars across Canada, was compiled and edited.

The loss of our Dean to this young University is far more than the mere exchange of a man in academic circles.

Dean Gibson was an inspiring academic, a man engrossed in the tradition of Carleton and hopeful for its future. by Peter Tomlinson The problem of deciding upon a "correct'* relationship between Ca- nada and the hemispheric alliance has been a vexing one for decades; and the gentlemen who make our foreign policy appear to be as far from a solution as ever.

This is all very fine, good fun and we don't usually end up with too many losses from the Frosh class in the first week.

Freshman must not, however, forget that Frosh week lasts only four days.

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