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Sex is something holy and beautiful – when in the right context of marriage.

Sex is something intimate and wonderful – between husband and wife.

Some say that kissing is the problem and many Christians say you shouldn’t kiss until you are married.

Now, I am not advocating that kissing someone is sinful at all times, unless you are married.

We have lost the depth to what a “simple” kiss really means. To put it another way, I have never met a person who saved sex (of any kind) for marriage and regretted it, but I have met thousands who didn’t keep themselves pure and now do. Chastity is rightly ordering your sexuality to your station in life.

This means everyone, single, religious, priests, and married are to be chaste – though all in different ways.

This means you can’t really love another person by being a gift to them.

We can either be in control of our desires or allow them to control us.

The same goes for “how far is too far”, we will eventually break the rules if that is all we have.

To give everything means we have no selfishness in our love and chastity frees us of selfishness.

So, any behavior that is not free, total, faithful, or potentially fruitful is a contradiction to true chaste love in marriage. Not everything is ok in marriage if it goes against chastity.

Q – My question is how far is too far in a relationship, that is not marriage? If I were to re-phrase the question it could basically be “How far can I go until I do something that will harm the other person or myself?

Also If you are married, do all the actions restricted while dating suddenly become ok?! I will answer your questions in part PART I – How far is too far is really the wrong question.

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A married couple’s chastity means they have sex, but not that “anything goes”.

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