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If you are new to HSBC’s Personal Internet Banking customer and have received your new Security Device please log on to activate it.

You will need it every time you log into your Internet Banking.

Most modern software will check for updates automatically. You wouldn't give this information away to a stranger in the street but if you use social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter or My Space, you could be oversharing personal data.

You may want to install them as they become available. You may want to think carefully about the information you put into your profiles on sites like this.

Double-check privacy settings on social networking sites. If any information forms part of your security details, you should therefore make sure that you do not disclose it to anyone else – see terms and conditions that apply to your account(s) for more detail.

Fraudsters use personal information from different sources to steal people's identities. But they also use paper documents of your accounts containing personal details, such as receipts and bank statements.

To work properly, anti-virus software has to download updates regularly over the internet. It is a good idea that you install anti-virus software if you don't have any already.

You can download Microsoft Security Essentials (free for personal use) or Mc Afee® Virus Scan Plus† (with a free 12-month subscription).

This includes your web browser and the applications you use. All this information is useful to people who want to steal your identity or break into your Personal Internet Banking.Rapport software and up-to-date web browsers block fake websites.Your mobile phone may contain personal information.You may also hear them called malware, trojans, spyware or adware.Anti-virus software protects you against all of them.

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