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Some stories of poker greatness are quite shiny and glamorous, but not the one of Nick Schulman.

Born in 1984 in New York City by the time he was fifteen, he has already dropped out of school, lived reckless life and had very little expectations for his future.

The World Poker Tour was started in 2002 in the United States by attorney/television producer Steven Lipscomb, who served as CEO of WPT Enterprises (WPTE).

The show made its network debut on February 1, 2004 on NBC with a special "Battle of Champions" tournament, which aired against CBS coverage of the Super Bowl XXXVIII pre-game show.

The Travel Channel aired the first five seasons of the Tour.

In November 2009, Party Gaming announced its acquisition of the World Poker Tour from WPTE for .3 million.

In 2011, Party Gaming merged with bwin to form bwin. In December 2014, World Poker Tour announced an alliance with Ourgame, agreeing to license products and services on an exclusive basis in more than a dozen countries across Asia.

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Poker player and reporter Amanda Leatherman was the host for season seven.

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