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Shooters focused on getting the best possible, hair splitting accuracy from their rifle may opt for non-chrome lined barrels, and accept the negative trade-offs.Fine if going with a stainless steel barrel, but otherwise I like chrome lined barrels in the AR-15 platform for reliability and longevity.USA –-( – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. In my last post I talked about current AR-15 market trends.Long gone are the days of only ABC AR-15 choices, for ARMALITE, Bushmaster or COLT.As of autumn 2013, there are almost countless AR-15 product choices available on the market. All of that is absolutely true in the AR-15 market.

Others have written nauseatingly long If you make a living with your AR-15, or are otherwise selecting something for work, then learning more about the M16 / M4 Military Specification, and trying to obtain an AR-15 as close to the M16 / M4 MIL-Spec as possible is well advised.You should also notice that more and more, a plethora of AR style rifles are back in stock at your Local Gun Store (LGS). Generally speaking, and for most civilian POUs, if you stick with a well known manufacturer, with a good history of quality rifles, and a strong reputation for customer service, you almost can’t go wrong.So with such a dizzying array of options, how do you narrow down the field, and make a well informed choice? At a high level, AR-15 manufacturers fall into two categories: The MIL-Spec Designation… Honestly, it’s surprisingly difficult to define the MIL-Spec definition as it relates to the AR-15.I have no personal experience with a Freedom Group Bushmaster.I can tell you that my Remington 700 CDL is outstanding in fit and finish, and quite the tack driver. When it was time for my decision, I feared company integration, retooling and retraining challenges, so Freedom Group owned Bushmaster didn’t make my short-list.

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Focus more on overall AR-15 build quality and manufacturer reputation.

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