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The Farfetch team curates their items exclusively for their clients.

They created a unique curriculum where people can stand a chance to win cash prizes for shedding off weight.

Glyde is an internet marketplace for buying and selling electronic items all over the web.

It only takes mere seconds to list your stuff on their website and mail your sold devices in their pre-addressed shipping package.

This work uncovered a number of items of archaeological interest and unexploded ordinance that Nemo Link displayed information about, alongside their project update.

Mr Mackinlay said: “I was pleased to examine the presentation by the Nemo project, the electricity interconnector with capacity to bring in 1 GW (about a 60th of peak UK demand) of electricity from Belgium via a 95-mile long cable to be laid on the bed of the North Sea, landing UK-side at Richborough.

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The company claims it will help to ensure a safe, secure and affordable energy supply between the UK and the European network.

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