Dating services for widows and widowers

” “When I went to my first AGM seven months after my husband died, I can truly say it was the first time I breathed properly since his death.

In recent years, the Mo D has faced criticism over the level of payments to spouses of troops who die in action, with former Chief of Defence Staff Field Marshal Lord Vincent of Coleshill leading protests in the House of Lords.

Typical events include pub evenings for adults, picnics and park days out with children, meals in restaurants and ‘at home’ evenings in members’ houses where people can get to know other members in relaxed surroundings.

WAY has also organised some very successful holidays over the past few years, giving members the opportunity to take a break with people who understand how hard it can be to go on holiday after the death of a partner.

And for many members who aren’t ready to face social occasions yet or who have kids tucked up in bed, it’s a comfort to know that you can turn your computer on at the end of the day and connect to a community of people who can help you through the grieving process.

“Just knowing there are others who really understand how you feel and truly want to know how you are makes getting through the day just a bit easier.

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Knowing I could log on and sound off without people thinking I was crazy or too dramatic helped and still helps immensely.

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