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To check the version you're playing, click "Info" on the main menu and check the bottom left corner.

Though I think the total dev time on this might roughly be around a year.

I love the story it tells, and I found myself playing it for hours because I wanted to know everything.

But something I didn't except, was how how therapeutic it would be for me.

Recently, I found out my great grandma passed away and even though she was in her late 90s and I understand it was her time, it was still hard to hear, and even harder to process.

Overall, I enjoyed it very much Sooo, now for the real questions... It was worth the wait i dunno if anyone has noticed this,but without the Mask, Quoto's hair and eye color reminds me of Saige from Chrono Days,save for a few differences in shading,it's nearly the same.This was so beautiful Amy, thank you for sharing it.I can't even imagine the amount of work it took to make, you're freaking talented as hell; and a really good writer.When I chose don't sit and let him go, it was like I was saying goodbye to my grandma and it felt pretty good.I let her go and I'll always miss her and I'm sure I'll have sad days but that helped.

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Given the feeling of uncertainty the game setting gives, it fits very well.

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