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Between 26 and 29 August 2014 the artillery has been moved into a west facing firing position still within Ukraine.

On August 29 the imagery shows what look like numerous military vehicles in the area along the tree line and in the neighboring field.

Russia must stop the steady flow of weapons and other support to an insurgent force heavily implicated in gross human rights violations.” Amnesty International researchers on the ground in eastern Ukraine have documented incidents of indiscriminate shelling, abductions, torture, and killings.“These satellite images, coupled with reports of Russian troops captured inside Ukraine and eyewitness accounts of Russian troops and military vehicles rolling across the border, leave no doubt that this is now an international armed conflict,” said Shetty.Amnesty International researchers on the ground in eastern Ukraine interviewed eyewitnesses fleeing from fighting near Alechevsk, Donetsk, Kramatorsk, Krasny Luch, Lisichansk, Lugansk, Rubeznoe, Pervomaisk and Slovyansk.Amnesty International is calling on the Ukrainian authorities to conduct an effective investigation into allegations of serious violations of international humanitarian law and bring to justice individuals responsible for war crimes.Commanders and civilian leaders may also be prosecuted for war crimes as a matter of command responsibility if they knew or should have known about the crimes and failed to prevent them or punish those responsible.“Civilians in Ukraine deserve protection and justice,” Salil Shetty said.

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