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A sample five thousand years older than that would vary from the first sample by only one ten thousandth of the emission level of the first sample.

Contamination of carbon samples from environment sources is also a problem.

Max has been described as a rude, selfish, vain and unkind person (a bully), who, along with Kara, is willing to go to great lengths to sabotage (though he has yet to succeed) your school's plans to stay open.

His softer side is also shown in his date quests as he was willing to do anything to gain the MC's approval and the look on his face when he was speaking about his childhood.

In terms of measuring the success of I amsterdam within the broader programme of Top Stad, such an ambitious branding overhaul may take two decades to produce results of affinity, with the programme itself stressing the significance of the long-term benefits of branding.

However, in Life is a Beach, Mia explains that she and Max used to spend a lot of time together and were really close growing up.

This also gave some insight into why he is the way he is, most likely because his father, much like Julian's, is constantly pressuring him to be the best.

He seems to like expensive designer clothing brands like Brooks Brothers and loves his luxurious lifestyle.

He is shown to be dating Kara, until she breaks up with him in the quest The Victory Banquet. Max has blonde hair in a short tousled hairstyle, blue eyes and olive skin tone.

He wears the Level 1 Jock outfit with color variation; orange, white and green to represent Hearst High.

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