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Aired 10-11p ET • President Trump Set To Sign Sweeping Tax Cut Bill; GOP Establishment Versus Steve Bannon; U. Condemn President Trump Decision To Recognize Jerusalem As Israel's Capital; Steve Bannon Influence Diminishing.Aired 11-Midnight ET • Republicans Celebrates Tax Cut Victory; Praises for Trump Raining in the White House; Senator Mark Warner Warns the White House.Aired 11-Midnight ET • Trump At Pensacola Rally; President Trump History Of Racist Remarks; Wildfires Blaze Across Southern California; Trump Aide Hope Hicks Interviewed By Mueller Team; Trump, Get Out And Vote For Roy Moore; White House On Roy Moore's Allegations; Statement On Trump's Plan To Visit Civil Rights Museum; Top 10 CNN Heroes.Aired 11-12mn ET • Donald Trump's Approval Rating Drops; Don Junior Grilled by Congress.So, take a stroll down memory lane to remember all of our past Word of the Year selections.• No Collusion, No Interview; House Republicans Exits Before Midterm Elections; Border Wall is Non-negotiable.Aired 10-11p ET • POTUS Has Executive Time To Watch TV, Tweet; White House Lawyer On Mueller Probe; North And South Korean Negotiators Meet At DMZ For First Time Since 2015.

Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Tower Meeting Known Attendees; White House Lawyer On Russia Investigation; Flynn Said Russia Sanctions Would Be Ripped Up; House GOP To work On Entitlement Reform Next Year.

Aired 10-11p ET • Trump Welcomes Press To The Studio; Trump, Wall Must Be Part Of DREAMERS Deal; Judges Order NC Congressional Districts Redrawn Quickly.

Aired 11-Midnight ET • Lawsuits Left and Right from President's Lawyers; Trump's Deal-making with Democrats Live on TV.

Aired 11-Midnight ET • RNC and Trump Supports Roy Moore; Jerusalem is Set to be Named as Israel's Capital; Donald Junior Next in Line to Answer Questions.

Aired 10-11p ET • America In The Trump Era; POTUS And RNC Backing Candidate Roy Moore; Trump Accuser In Court; Defamation Case Against President Trump.

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