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One-third of Irish Parship members enter a relationship lasting at least six months..." - Irish Times, November 2009.

I be been on cougarlife and a lot of my convos have led to google as the place of communication.

You will not only learn a lot about yourself and your own personality, you’ll find out what you really value when it comes to a relationship.

The compatibility test was developed from over 30 years of psychological research.

However, statistics typically point to more married men than married women who have affairs…as much as 60 percent! Men and women often have different reasons for jumping into an affair. Who can say for sure, but if you were too randomly (and secretly, of course!

) poll men, who have cheated or contemplated cheating, the reasons may include the following: What makes an affair discreet? That depends on what your expectations are, and how you would handle your affair being discovered.

I had to go to a website and get a "booking number" before she would agree to our "date".

Request was accompanied by further tantalizing comments such as "cannot meet here, she has .

"Parship isn’t a flirting website aimed at casual flings.

Do affairs lead to marriage and a happily ever after ending?

Obviously, since most affairs are conducted in secret, there aren't any accurate statistics referring to the success of marriages between couples who have affairs.

Most affairs are handled in secret, unless of course a couple has reached an arrangement or agreement with each other as to other relationships. For some, the expectations are simple-a little fun without the hassle of a commitment.

For others, affairs that begin with a few flirtatious conversations may turn into an emotional rollercoaster of questions, including "What will the future hold? Not usually, since there are typically more parties involved than just you.

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