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Penn showed her the final draft at the famous Sunset Towers hotel in Hollywood, at a table of famous people. Meanwhile Penn and his team have tried repeatedly tried to block the documentary from going forward.Penn's team last week fired off a letter to Netflix to pull the film saying 'that blood will be on their hands if this film causes bodily harm,' to their client, according to the New York Times.As Sean kept pushing her to get in touch with El Chapo whenever he needed, she started fighting and yelling at him.And while she says she wanted to remain on good terms with her famous fling, Penn didn’t show her the final Rolling Stone piece until four days before it was published. She says in the film that the article wrongly makes it seem like she was infatuated with him and claims El Chapo even sent her flowers, which never happened.Mrs Jordan, whose family have been in Port Isaac for seven generations, said: ‘Their behaviour in the past has been unforgivable at times.‘They blocked the doorway to my gift shop on countless occasions, sometimes for as long as 20 minutes so customers could not get in or out.‘One morning I woke up to find Martin Clunes and a crew on my front patio.I went down and gave them what for and told them they could at least have sought permission to use it.’Mrs Jordan, who has lived in the main street for 44 years, claimed the crew had hurled her rubbish bags against her door and tried to dig up railings which protected children from the busy road.It is thanks to the enduring popularity of the ITV show, which is currently in its eighth series, that hordes of tourists now make their pilgrimage to the quaint Cornish village which stands in for Portwenn, queuing to have their pictures taken outside Dr Ellingham’s surgery.Yet for all tourists and the Doc Martin memorabilia cramming the gift shops, not everyone is happy.

She said the official ‘had to go all through the village turning round the road signs which they had twisted to face away from the cameras’.

In an interview with genteel magazine The Lady, Philippa Braithwaite, who is also Martin Clunes’s wife and co-owns the production company, Buffalo Pictures, with him, confessed that ‘wherever you film there are going to be a few people who don’t want the crew there and we have issues sometimes with a few sections of the community.‘Generally, I think they’re welcoming and friendly and there’s a lot of income generated from it.

But I don’t think we’re ever going to please everybody.’Certainly, she has her work cut out when it comes to placating the likes of 73-year-old Eileen Jordan, one of the most outspoken critics of the production crew, as The Mail on Sunday found when we visited last week.

When asked why she waited to say something about being intimate with Penn she said: 'Nobody asked me, and it was so stupid they were all thinking I had something to do with El Chapo and nobody asked me and I'm not bragging.'And while Del Castillo admits she had sex with Penn, she claimed Friday morning that that was it, there was no relationship that followed.

However during the documentary gives their time together more emotional heft than just sex.

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