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I have a file folder with everyone’s microchip documentation, and additionally, a Word document that lists each pet, their microchip number and company, plus basic stats: breed, date of birth, weight, color. We just changed the ownership for Pickle, as his microchip number was registered to ACTion Program for Animals, and after the adoption went through, it was time to put our personal names and address into the system.Since his microchip was with 24Pet Watch, we already had an account, as that is the company that Rocky is listed with.” He said, “Yes, we received a transfer of ownership.So she was taken off of your account.” I said, “That’s crazy. She’s sitting in the room with me right now.” He said, “Oh. I’ll call you back.” About fifteen minutes later, he telephoned. What if I hadn’t happened to look at my account for months, and, worst case scenario, Rocky had gotten lost?

), I leave detailed notes for her whenever we leave town, including: In other words, I tend to cover all the bases.

Let’s backtrack, and I’ll walk you through what we’ve been doing. Holding Rocky’s leash in one hand, and a cane in the other makes doors tricky if I am out on my own, plus doors are often heavy.

Some doors, like at grocery stores, are operated by sensors, so that’s no problem. The idea is to train Rocky to push those buttons, so that I don’t have to.

Now that Sabrina is retired, sometimes she sets her alarm to wake up early, and then decides to sleep in. I have been that way forever – even as a kid, I arranged my books on the shelf by author’s name. The others who had Avid chips have now passed away.

I hate it, because Ripley ignores Sabrina, and comes to wake ME up! But I would have remembered if I sold my service dog to a woman named Alyssa. Since that time, competition has come onto the market.

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Seconds later, there was Ripley, standing over her. But the clock went off again, and Ripley wouldn’t let it go. Then Ripley followed her to the kitchen, and wanted a treat. The alarm goes off, and if I am distracted, I don’t respond. If you moved, you called Avid and they updated your info.

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