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A tendency to see the Indo-European languages as inherently those of the superstrate can be found widely in literature on the Indo-Europeans.

This form of ‘Aryan manifest destiny’ ultimately calls into question the whole process of expansion.

Similarly, the region of the Fatyanovo culture of the upper Volga, as well as other Corded Ware variants in the east Baltic, clearly succumbed to Finno-Ugric speakers. Mallory, In search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology and Myth, ISBN 050005052X, p.

We may conclude this section by laying to rest one fallacy that has often appeared in the past.

There is also no reason to write of superiority of Indo-Europeans, it clearly has no valid arguements for backup.

Baltic people are not Slavs or IE to a large extent and have not been. In your earlier post you mentioned, that Lithuanians ‘could’ have been N1c 10%. You mentioned, that Finns speak again IE languages in the form of Swedish and English.

Corded Ware in Scandinavia and at the tip of Southern Finland has no evidence of language used, afaik there is no evidence of any IE language.

‘Aryan Manifest’ and ‘Aryan superiority’ say what is behind these peculiar theories.

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Turkic speakers are probably to be credited with the linguistic death of Tocharian as well as with the assimilation of numerous Iranian speakers across the Asiatic steppe, and ultimately with the effective collapse of Greek as the major language of Anatolia. Research into the essential structure of the world's languages revealed several basic types depending on how grammatical elements were indicated – inflected, agglutinative, and analytic.

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