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Since Mattie called her husband Prince, she dubbed her son Skipper “because he was small in size and he was just real cute — he was a darling baby.” HIS MOTHER (Star Tribune interview, 1984): He could hear music even from a very early age. I was gonna play drums, and I knew Prince played keyboards. We would move the furniture around at [Husney’s] office, and we’d jam until dawn almost every night.

When he was 3 or 4, we’d go to the department store and he’d jump on the radio, the organ, any type of instrument there was. I’d have to hunt for him, and that’s where he’d be — in the music department. He showed up at practice and picks up a guitar and plays, note for note, the intricate solo from Chicago’s “Make Me Smile.” I made the mistake of getting up from the drums, and he sat there and he killed ‘em. Moon gave Prince a key to the studio so he could work at night. It was Andre [Anderson, later Cymone], me and Prince most of the time.

LISA COLEMAN: He sent for me to come out to Minneapolis. Prince picked me up at the airport in his little Fiat sports car. After he left, I saw that look on Prince’s face that meant: Uh oh, something’s coming. When Dick Clark talks to you, don’t say anything.” My heart sank. We were trying to dress as outrageously and outlandishly as we could. For Prince, it was, “You’re wearing these Spandex pants with no underwear.

OWEN HUSNEY: We were visiting radio stations and no one had any money, so Prince and I were sharing hotel rooms. Music soothes the savage beast.” He hits the radio and turns it back on, and he’s sound asleep.

Prince’s single “Soft and Wet,” co-written with Chris Moon, became a Top 10 R&B hit. Not a lot of talking — the talking is through the music.

That, as much as anything, made me feel that we shouldn’t mess around with this guy.

CREATING A CONTROVERSY Prince began recording at the Record Plant in Sausalito, Calif., with veteran engineer Tommy Vicari. I’m with him.” DAVID Z: Prince is a great practical joker.

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