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As such, yes, they technically are analyzing you, but it's not intentional, and ultimately it stems from a deep desire to understand you (and everyone/everything else)." particular bit of information is often tough for people to understand.I am not a judging personality but I will assess every detail about you and know things you will not know about yourself quite yet. I have learned to let go of people who immediately take my information gathering as judgment.Just saying "I'm sorry" is generally not sufficient; they want to know that you really understand why it hurt their feelings). I find apologies insufficient if one does not take responsibility for their transgression. "As for the "so serious" misperception, while the INFJ admittedly can get stuck (or even intentionally revel, because in all honesty, there are few things INFJs love more than to get deep) in non-stop heavy thinking/conversing, they actually can be quite light-hearted when in the right company." am quite quick to get my feelings hurt but I am also just as quick to forgive. I loved how the above quote said that a "sorry" isn't enough though. They love clever wordplay and are not easily offended; they tend to enjoy the company of people who push the envelope and are somewhat outrageous with their humour...

I found three that highlight particular attributes of the INFJ and I will highlight my favourite paragraphs (which happened to be tough as each article in it's entirety was my favourite! If you are in INFJ or happen to love an INFJ or are just simply interested in that type of magic and crazy please check out the entire articles as they are spot on..It is more of a descriptor of what you value and how you work out of the world in regards to communication and relationships.*Over the years, I have discovered how important it is for self understanding.Since my personality type is complex and rare, I have also learned how important it is to explain myself, to the best of my ability, to the people who need to understand me the most. INFJs understand me best because this personality type is the rarest in the world making up less than 1%.I know that the prickliness is hiding a gooey center... If what they see is a bunch of sharp edges and pointedness, they are not probably going to stick around to find a way around that into the beautiful garden paradise your prickliness protects.They are simply going to assume you do not want them in your space, which sometimes is true but often is not."

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*NOTE: As I have mentioned before in posts, personality is ONE aspect of being human and your individual make up.

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