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She hypnotically conditions her male subjects to want to hypnotize new women and teach them to be hypno-dommes, so they can seduce and hypnotize even more men.A terrorist attack sets in motion a chain of events that will touch an ancient prisoner and awaken an entirely new lifeform.His ‘Trust’ lecture is always a hit with his students, and this year shouldn’t be any different. He is sent to the European Union State to examine the possibility of cooperation between Canada and Europe.He is also eager to find out more about the rubber clad security force, called the “Guard”.For the scientist trapped in the middle, all roads seem to lead inexorably to slavery.But the question remains, who will end up holding the chains and who will be bound by them?

When his attention is elsewhere, though—or when he sleeps—she can begin to understand that she is being prepared for something against her will, and she can plan her escape.

But what is the true motivation of the group behind her nomination for Woman CEO of the Year?

A young woman is hypnotically conditioned to seduce and hypnotize men.

Everything and everyone has a price and no tastes are too extreme for the owners of Fantasy Girls Inc on the Dark Web.

Bethany Bowles had never heard of the company or really much about the dark web as she went about her life as the city’s newest prosecutor.

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Even alone, though, she is unable to act on those plans.

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