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The idea is to make our services easily accessible, affordable and reliable for every individual who needs legal guidance.We never judge people on the basis of their social status or financial background.To achieve this, we ensure that we understand our client’s instructions without any ambiguity.Most of our lawyers are multilingual and whenever possible, we speak to our clients in the language they understand.We work tirelessly to find a middle way especially when families are involved.

Fadiga & Co is a unique law firm in various respects; we have hired some of the most specialised and reliable lawyers in London, who specialize in diverse fields of law and come from different backgrounds.This vision is the basis upon which the firm has built it reputation.Today, Fadiga & Co serves clients from all around the world who entrust our specialist lawyers with their legal matters, from civil litigation, personal injury, family disputes, employment disputes, immigration matters and other human rights matters.These data show that language comprehension benefits from frontocentral action systems, indicating that action and perception circuits are interdependent. For example, changing the placement of a word or phrase can change the meaning.The brain region surrounding the sylvian fissure which, in the left hemisphere of almost all right-handed people and in most left-handed people, is most relevant for language processing.

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