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I’ve been trying to break into a niche industry (30-40 jobs in a city with a population of 3 million) for a while now.

I’m willing to move for the right job, but I’d rather stay close to home — so I was stoked last summer when I got an interview for one of the very few entry-level jobs available in my city!If you can explain that the situation made you reflect on your behavior to her in high school and realize that you owe her an apology — and if you can honestly say that you don’t expect this to change anything about your job prospects there but just genuinely wanted to apologize — then maybe.However, if you then apply for jobs there again anytime in the next year or two, it’s likely to look like it wasn’t that genuine. I would say to send that type of apology because it’s the right thing to do but also to write this company off for at least a while.- Se refiere a la reproducibilidad y coherencia interna del instrumento.- La reproducibilidad indica el grado en que la puntuación carece de errores aleatorios.

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La lista de instrumentos que se presenta en este documento procede de un consenso de expertos que trabajaron con las publicaciones relacionadas a la Revisión basada en datos científicos de las lesiones cerebrales adquiridas (LCA).

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