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What your small brain fails to understand is that prosecutors are applying child porn laws to these situations which turn a child into a sex offender for life. Child pornography laws exist to protect children from being exploited by other people, typically adults.It was not intended to prevent them from exploring their own sexuality.This much should be obvious: Selfies taken by minors are not child pornography. The woman reported the incident to police, and the prosecutor chose to charge E. with the felony sex offense of dealing in depictions of a minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct — a law typically used to prosecute child pornographers. He was convicted and required to register as a sex offender after the trial court rejected a motion to dismiss for insufficient evidence. asking the state court of appeals to reverse the trial court decision and dismiss E. The purpose of Washington’s child pornography law is to prevent minors from being sexually exploited or abused for someone else’s personal gratification or commercial gain, not to criminalize young people for experimenting with their sexuality.The ACLU of Washington has filed a friend of the court brief in State of Washington v. This much should be obvious: Selfies taken by minors are not child pornography.The following morning, my husband Keith got to the bottom of what was going on.A few days earlier we had upgraded Annie's old mobile to an i Phone 4s. At this point everything was telling me I should turn the phone off and remain in blissful ignorance.Alison in my day we had phones and our phone we received crank calls. I believe you can block and unfriend and above all don't open an attachment you may or may not have requested, recognize the sender.But placing a stupid, ignorant minor to possible jail, prison and on the registry for pic, sexting and other stupidity is a slap in the face for those that have been violently sexually assaulted or killed.

It’s time for Washington’s courts to appreciate what a five-year-old scene from “Girls” implies: Sending a sexually explicit selfie may be immature or unwise, but it’s only human to behave that way sometimes.A 13-year-old girl who takes a nude photo of herself could also be prosecuted for child pornography, under this precedent. I think sending naked pictures without obtaining consent should be considered sexual harassment, and it should be illegal.I believe it is an injustice to prosecute someone who has committed that crime as if they had committed the separate crime of creating child pornography.These are disparate acts that should warrant different sentences.It is a further injustice to prosecute a consenting minor who sends naked photographs of themselves to another consenting minor the same way you would prosecute and adult who created child pornography. you didn't answer or just hung up and went on about your day..loss no gain.

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