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For more casual use of leet, the primary strategy is to use homoglyphs, symbols that closely resemble (to varying degrees) the letters for which they stand.

The choice of symbol is not fixed—anything that the reader can make sense of is valid.

Derivation of a noun from an adjective stem is done by attaching -ness to any adjective.

This is entirely the same as the English form, except it is used much more often in Leet. The word ending may also be substituted by -t (e.g. Words ending in -and, -anned, -ant, or a similar sound can sometimes be spelled with an ampersand (&) to express the ending sound (e.g.

require less extensive forms of Leet when used in this application.

Some examples of leet include B1ff and n00b, a term for the stereotypical newbie; the l33t programming language; and the web-comic Megatokyo, which contains characters who speak leet.

Leet is not solely based upon one language or character set.Text rendered in leet is often characterized by distinctive, recurring forms.Derivation of a noun from a verb stem is possible by attaching -age to the base form of any verb.The Cult of the Dead Cow hacker collective has been credited with the original coining of the term, in their text-files of that era.One theory is that it was developed to defeat text filters created by BBS or Internet Relay Chat system operators for message boards to discourage the discussion of forbidden topics, like cracking and hacking.

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Signs that show the numbers "1337" are popular motifs for pictures and shared widely across the Internet.

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