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Unofficial citizen journalism has assembled the pieces needed for a cohesive picture of the alleged perpetrator and his connections with the intelligence establishment and to the radical Muslim ISIS.From these informal sources, three salient issues have surfaced: - indisputable evidence that a squad of multiple shooters were involved rather than just a lone gunman - the relocation of one of Paddocks airplanes between Virginia airports after an ATF agent was killed in the cover-up of Eric Holders Fast and Furious gun-peddling operation - the visits of Paddock and companion Marilou Danley to the UAE, Jordan and Israel while President Barack Obama was starting to turn against ISIS in Iraq and Syria.Whatever fake news may come our way, my entire team will continue to focus all our efforts to advance the President’s agenda and see him re-elected in 2020.

Even if Trump completes his first term, it isn’t unthinkable that he might balk at running for a second.The earliest time-sequence report out of Vegas was posted at reddit under Gunshots Downtown Right Now? As part of the politicized gun-control debate, opponents of the Second Amendment have falsely claimed that a bump stock device (which uses recoil to re-engage the trigger) can enable a semiautomatic weapon, like the one found with Paddock, to fire 400 rounds per Caram2, who was alerted to the gunfire by his sister, a employee at the MGM Grand who escaped the concert by running to the nearby airport. (note: The Mandalay Bay is built on the site of the demolished Hacienda. Scanner: do not worry about injured, Neutralize Threat. This is a deliberate deceit, since 400 Rpm, take note here, is the rate of fire (as in highest firing rate during bursts) and not the number of bullets that can actually be shot within a minute.Suspecting a sting operation, the ISIS team in Las Vegas shot him to death in his room at the Mandalay immediately before proceeding to fire at the crowd of revelers attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival on Sunday night, October 1.Police radio chatter and initial reports, especially in cases of politically sensitive crimes against public security, are often the most accurate, and therefore invariably followed by disinformation under a politicized cover-up. ) Making Sense of the Chatter The sister, who was near the stage, escaped the gunfire after a truck tore down a section of fence and she managed to reach safety at the nearby airport.

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