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See, Lydia was into Dis--sorry, I better not say it. She was into kid's cartoons, in specific a certain very large company that you're probably very familiar with, wink wink. Seems it was kind of, um..."old-fashioned", let's say, about race.

So it was never coming out on DVD, or video, or even back into theaters. This was a couple years after I'd first met her, and we'd gotten pretty comfortable with each other--especially since I hadn't even tried putting the moves on her since that first day.

I found an excuse to get her alone, and I said...well, I said something from the movie.

That was the thing, all of the important words from the movie became triggers for certain behaviors.

it's such a relief to finally be home to jack off and fill my Asa fleshlight with my hot cum...

I don't mean the 'forbidden fruit' angle, although that's probably part of it. The company was a cybernetics research firm, real cutting-edge stuff, and I was involved in some of the other end of it.

Some of the guys at work called her "frigid", but I always thought that sounded kind of cruel. That kept me up a few nights, giving myself the old firm handshake, if you know what I mean.The next day at work, she was really apologetic about taking the disc, but I told her that it was OK, that she could keep it as a gift if she wanted.Hindsight being what it is, I probably shouldn't have said that, but what can I say, I was so horny right then I couldn't even think straight.I'm talking something that's actually unobtainable, something that you obsess about with every fiber of your being, but it's completely and totally out of reach. After all, if you wanted to make machines that interfaced with human brains, you had to know how the brain worked as a machine.Like a baseball card collector wanting a Honus Wagner card, even though he works as a security guard and the thing costs two million bucks. A sort of Holy Grail in our lives, something we'd do anything to get. I mention that only because it'll help to explain a lot of what I'm about to tell you. She worked with me at the technology firm I used to work for. We were breaking down human thought all day, every day, reducing the brain to a two-pound computer made out of water and fatty tissues and trying to figure out how to program it.

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