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About that, the majority said simply, not "under the facts of this case." ABA Op. 8, 2004) deals with this precise issue and cites Chase. He also said Naomi might also be able to plead intentional interference with inheritance.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

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In limited circumstances, it may be appropriate for the lawyer to proceed with the representation when the clients have agreed, after being properly informed, that the lawyer will keep certain information confidential. Basically, the comment provides that if the lawyer believes that the client without the information needs to know it, the lawyer has discretion to reveal it. The law firm wanted to tell the wife, but the husband would not allow it.

For example, the lawyer may reasonably conclude that failure to disclose one client's trade secrets to another client will not adversely affect representation involving a joint venture between the clients and agree to keep that information confidential with the informed consent of both clients. The Restatement deals with joint representations in a non-litigation setting at § 130. A case that discusses this issue in detail, including the Restatement’s position, is A. Litigation ensued, and the New Jersey Supreme Court, in a comprehensive analysis, found that the firm had discretion to tell the wife.

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