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Most of those brought to Australia from Palestine (because they spoke German) to be interned stayed on in Australia to make productive contributions to Australian life and culture. COPYRIGHT - The materials have now been scanned to enable their ongoing use for educational not-for-profit purposes.These materials may be used by teachers and students in schools, U3A and other not-for-profit organisations with appropriate acknowledgement.The materials on the CD-ROM were developed and sourced by teachers in the AGTV Geelong Network.

Price: $ 20.00 AU (GST not included) There is a different image on each postcard in the set with brief information about the image.

The postcards are designed to create a positive line of communication between families and the teacher by providing a quick way to let families know some good news.

It may be progress in using the language, or other general learning skills and behaviours.

They may not be reprinted in other texts or uploaded to Intranets or the Internet without written permission from the AGTV.

NB: Web links and other contacts in the materials may be out of date.

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