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We took on as something we can work on when we are not working (our “day jobs” that is), in the hopes it would bring the CF community closer together, and help CF people find love where they otherwise could not. Our members have said that it had been difficult to find like-minded CF people: “Finally! is where CF people can go to be relieved from all of the “first day of school” photos and baby poo stories of other social networks, and mingle with other CF people. However, we have seen posts from people who had started a relationship with a childfree person only to have them they change their minds, ending the relationship in heartache.

We also believe that as this CF “movement” goes forward, one day we will become a large enough group that politics and government will have to recognize us as a voice. Other rhetoric in the CF community was that they would be matched with people who already had children or were matched with people that thought they could change someone’s mind.

The reason this site caught our attention is that it is exclusively childfree.

We also quickly figured out that it’s not just a dating site…

You may not know this, but Amy and I have been happily married for nearly 19 years so we try not to spend too much time on dating sites.We don’t have to think about children, and their impact on us.What draws us CF closer, I think, is our mutual understanding that we choose not to have children in a world that expects it.Childfree Passions Childfree Passions is one of the few dating sites for singles without children..don't want kids.If you're sure you don't want rug rats in your future, this is the site for you.

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  1. We had an online version that you could submit a question to, essentially “talk to.” We had an email auto response server that could generally answer 80% of a company's incoming e-mail inquiries, seemingly from a person, but really just auto-sent from the server. I've tried asking Clever Bot what it thought about the Radio Lab story, and only got gibberish back. It's fun, but seems to have a hard time with conversational continuity.