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We strongly encourage you to not blindly copy the file, but read the document and understand what the settings do.

Also note that this guide was written for legacy versions of Gnu PG (1.4) and may contain recommendations that are redundant with default settings in newer releases of Gnu PG (2.1 and above).

Note also that an attacker could designate a keyserver that they control to monitor when or from where you refresh their key.

Now that you have configured a good keyserver, you need to make sure that you are regularly refreshing your keys.

If a server is not working well, it will be removed automatically from the pool.

You should also ensure that you are communicating with the keyserver pool over an encrypted channel, using a protocol called hkps.

You should do this verification in real life or over the phone.

Once you have verified the key fingerprint that you need, you may download the key from the keyserver pool: The next step is to confirm that you actually got the correct key from the keyserver.

Now, you will need to use the following parameters in This is useful because (1) it prevents someone from designating an insecure method for pulling their key and (2) if the server designated uses hkps, the refresh will fail because the ca-cert will not match, so the keys will never be refreshed.

The purpose is to make it hard for an attacker to correlate the key updates with your keyring.

You should not use or the refresh keys menu item on your email client because you disclose to anyone listening, and the keyserver operator, the whole set of keys that you are interested in refreshing.

Therefore, we recommend using the sks keyservers pool.

The machines in this pool have regular health checks to ensure that they are functioning properly.

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There are detailed explanations for each configuration suggestion.

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