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I often drink alcohol, it means that I am forbidden to meet girls who do not drink?

A feeling that did not catch on a scientific combination details.

However, one can imagine that prices will be accessible through the volumes of users and to the young target. It is so easy to tell a girl that he likes without risking to take a rake that does not hesitate to do so, even if she does will probably never.

The pitfall of this virtual accessibility to men and women is that we are spending more time that should happen in reality to meet them.

A name, a picture, interest / potential mutual friends, and that’s it. A profile at a time, the finger wagging at the idea of ​​approving the picture that we see or send stroll. Tinder is neither Meetic or Attractive World, is youthful, dynamique, we do not take seriously, and so much the better. If you do not know Tinder, you can find our complete file of presentation Tinder here. Tinder With the application it is also possible to select the profiles that interest us anywhere.

And start again, new profile, new photo, with all the surprise and excitement it can generate. People have the impression that if he is not on Tinder they are at a disadvantage because many of their friends have the opportunity to meet new people in a single finger movement. Ergonomics is the key to its success: Tinder understood that encounter was too time on traditional dating sites. Any lost time becomes time gain on Tinder, as an opportunity to go to match increase his chances with a woman or a man.

It is the element that takes 2 body (human or inert), which puts them in contact and that adds to this contact spark (off), to arrive at a fire (the meeting). The mobile interface allows for a simpler design, more efficient.

Also, geo-location is the weapon of Tinder, one more request show you where you want to meet people, the app tells you directly what are the people who are close to you. Tinder is much more romantic than to meet in a cafe.

This principle of simplicity, Tinder extends throughout the experiment. Far from a dating site, banal and too serious, Tinder is positioned as a fun game, where the user interface is as simple as possible. We come to have fun, relax between stressful times, on the bus, in the sofa for a painful meeting. Our verdict is more than mixed especially when you list the advantages and disadvantages.

I do not know what interview, one of the founders of the app (I think it was Sean Rad), said that the basic idea of ​​Tinder was the focus of the photo.

And everything was thought to focus on the picture.

Also, it reminds the sound of the famous app Grindr, the king of gay dating.

For those who love etymology, Tinder, this corresponds to the combustible material that allows a fire to ignite. Much more than a marketing trend that we hear at conferences, Tinder does in reality. It is not found on the desktop Web and so much better, the goal is to use it in daily life, wherever you are.

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You like it but you do not dare tell him and you are afraid to take you a negative answer.

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