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Parvati Shallow is an undeniable related segments and shows and would be a fun twist on the whole thing.There, those are the five most obvious answers someone will throw out whenever they talk about replacing Jeff.Coach Wade Tribal council could be turned into story time with Coach.

Hardcore fans would be completely confused while the people who only watch seasons live would likely not even know he played He did dress like Probst that one time. For people who clicked on this article expecting a serious answer, I can give you two as a way to appease you.

Instead of voting people out as the players want, they now have to start voting people off based on strength.

Except when it doesn’t fit with their plans in the game.

The same way Jeff clearly loves his gig as host, Osten would probably openly hate it. Jean-Robert Bellande“39 days, 20 people, 1 Survivor and some ass”.

Kim Spradlin She’s intelligent, eloquent and attractive.

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