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21st December 1909 Krishna Gopal Karve 24th December 1909 6th January 1910.Vinayak Narayan Deshpande 23rd December 1909, 6th January 1910.Shankar Ramchandra Soman 23rd December 1909, 6th January 1910. Dattatrya Pandurang Joshi 22nd December 1909 5th January 1910.Waman Daji Narayan Joshi 30th December 1909 4th January 1910.

Nashik is situated on the Deccan Plateau being about 600 meters above mean sea level. Jalgaon and Aurangabad Districts lie to the east of Nashik District. To its west there are Thane District and a part of Gujrath State.

Krantiveer Naik was underground for some period and by ultimate sacrifice, contributed for the said movement. The activities of the association did not, however, cease there for we have evidence, which we accept as true, that meeting were held at the house of Ganesh Savarkar & Aba Darekar, one of the song-writers of the association, at which the biographies of patriotic revolutionists were read & re-read, the particular favorites being Mazzini, Shivaji & Ramdas where discussions were carried on with regard to the means for attaining independence for India.

At these meeting the methods advocated were the education of public by means of lectures, books & songs, & the preparation for rising against the British Rulers by collection of arms & ammunition.

The Court of Civil Judge Senior Division was established in the year 1993, to cover the areas comprising the revenue Talukas as Niphad, Yeola, Chandwad & Pimpalgaon. The said trial was attended by various citizens, students and huge followers of Vasantrao Naik. The defence of accused was that he was never underground, he was meeting everybody including Police and therefore was not underground.

The Court of Sessions Division is established from 20 June 1999, in the existing Court building. Perhaps this is the trial where highest number of citizens have attended the court for witnessing the said trial. Ultimately it was contended by the accused that the provisions of above Ordinance are not applicable and therefore the notification is wrongly applied.

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, (Marathi : सांगली) is a City and the district headquarters of Sangli District in the state of Maharashtra, in western India.

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