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And no matter what your oppression and violence does not validate your right to supersede woman in the discussion. And I am not saying you don’t have a right to transition, you do. I have a right to the language that I am barely allowed to use currently.I have a right to not be forced to see a penis in a changing rooms, just because you see it as a lady dick.I am generally the one ok with nudity, but as a rape survivor, sometimes I don’t want to be exposed to a penis which is why I sometimes need women changing rooms.And no you identifying as female doesn’t decrease the shock value when I suddenly see a penis and wasn’t expecting too.I respect everyone’s rights to their pronouns, to surgeries they want, to safe spaces, to tolerance, and to living as humans with human rights and respect. But my being born with a vagina and the treatment that comes from that matters in the conversation around the rights of trans women. We are still struggling to make breastfeeding in public considered normal and natural, instead of lewd and inappropriate.People saying the word mother isn’t inclusive to transgendered pregnant people, while moms still struggle to get basic maternity leave and not lose their jobs after having a baby, and even still deal with extremely dangerous situations due to mistreatment during childbirth.Trans women who have never had or known what it is to have a uterus, invading infertility forums, ignoring entirely how different that struggle is for someone who was born with a uterus that is nonfunctioning.

And I am not saying transgendered people do not also face oppression and suffering and feelings of disgust, but there is a huge and important difference.Female language around female issues is important to many cis women because we have struggled to even have our identities and issues seen as valid.Now before you make any assumptions let me be clear.My vagina and uterus, I have my own issues around them and you trying to take away my language around them, is just more oppression to me.It looks the same regardless of if its coming from a man or trans woman . This “cotton ceiling” fight is oppressive to lesbian women who fight every fucking day to gain respect and equality based on the their sexual preferences.

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