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Find familiar places under surveillance in your city, add and view your own webcams and IP cams, vote for your best public and private web cameras and customize your cam collection!

Webcams Viewer features:• Search cams by keywords and browse by world map• Select cams by Country, HD, Category like cities, weather, traffic, restaurants, offices, zoos, airports, beaches, etc.• Like and vote for the best cameras, customize your cam collection• Pan, tilt, and zoom live video with motion controls from your i Phone and i Pad• Save camera shots, get camera information• Rewind recorded camera shots for the past 24 hours if you missed to view live Always have a live webcam video of public web cameras from around the world right from your i Phone and i Pad from everywhere! At first you see the add is smaller so your Lind of liking it until, before getting to view a camera a full screen demo of a game comes on and you have to wait a few seconds before you can close it.

Even if you believe that, though, no company can promise that information traveling through the Web will remain safe from hackers or spies.

Indeed, several Internet security researchers have found vulnerabilities in the Barbie, and one even claimed he was able to hack the doll for information that could let him take over its microphone.

Looking for a movie to watch while wrapping my kids' Christmas gifts, I made an odd but serendipitous choice: "Citizenfour," the Oscar-winning documentary about Edward Snowden and the U. It's apparently just an innocuous inquiry from room service, but when the conversation ends, Snowden unplugs the phone from the wall."All of these new (Internet-enabled) phones, they have little computers in them, and you can hot mic these … "As long as it's plugged in, (someone) can be listening."That sounded pretty scary.

It’s meant to surreptitiously monitor your nanny or babysitter without his/her knowledge.

They can also serve as an extra set of eyes when your kids are in other rooms.

If you like to know what’s happening when you’re away or out of sight, you can shop for a number of "nanny-cams" with remote access, video recording, and more.

But then I realized that one of the toys my wife and I had just bought for our kids had an even more frightening potential for misuse.

It's called a Kinect, and it's a device for Microsoft's Xbox video game system that comes with a microphone, a camera and technology that recognizes a user's voice and face.

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