Live updating website pages

If this option is deselected, Dreamweaver uses the testing server versions of related files.

HTTP Request Settings Takes you to an advanced settings dialog box where you can enter values for displaying live data.

Disable Plug-ins Disables plug-ins and re-renders the page as it would look if a browser did not have plug-ins enabled.

Highlight Changes in Live Code Turns highlighting for changes in Live Code off or on.

Alternatively you can Control-click a link in Live view to make it active.Freezing Java Script in Live view is useful if you want to see and change properties for the different states of pop-up menus or other interactive elements that you can’t see in traditional Design view.The code displayed in Live Code view is similar to what you would see if you viewed the page source from a browser.Real-time preview allows you to preview your pages in the browser and on mobile devices and view the changes in the browser or device in real time as you code.Live view gives you an idea of how your page will look on the web and lets you edit items in Code view.

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