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We are the ones who know the bliss of waking on a weekday morning to a calm and clutter-free home, with time to grind the coffee beans, bathe to the sound of Bach and perhaps do a few yoga stretches before setting off for work - pretty well impossible if you share your home with others.Then there's the deep contentment of turning the key in your own front door on a Friday night, slamming it behind you, pouring a glass of wine and settling down to watch a favourite movie with no one else commandeering the remote control and channel-flicking during the breaks.

Reports are filtering into the press that women are increasingly living alone not because they are single, divorced, widowed, or nuts - but because they want to.This confounded them in varying degrees, depending on how much booze they'd put away, but it got the message across to even the most befuddled brain: I lived alone because I liked it that way.Not because of a lack of men, but because it meant I could have my bathroom exactly as I liked it - spotless, toasty-hot, always replete with loo roll. I clung to that bathroom for as long as I could before my need to breed overwhelmed my enjoyment of languorous, leisurely soaks. Getting on for ten years later, I share my house with a partner and two children (I now have a lock on the bathroom door and a shed - my own secret retreat - in the garden).Studies show their health suffers more and they lose out in other ways, too.As couples counsellor Carol Martin-Sperry says, "I hate to generalise, but I think it is fair to say that most men want to be taken care of in a relationship, and for some men - a lot of men, perhaps - being taken care of is the raison d'étre of a relationship." If Martin-Sperry is right, men don't just want companionship; they also want someone to keep house for them.

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  1. Linktipp: Strategie und Anweisung, wenn du den oder die Ex wieder und endlich zurück willst! Eigentlich war die Trennung längst ad acta gelegt – doch warum sind sie dann trotzdem (wieder) da, diese Gedanken an den oder die Ex?

  2. Şi iată, Tu erai înăuntrul meu şi eu eram afară, şi acolo Te căutam... Mă ţineau departe de Tine acele creaturi care, dacă nu ar fi în Tine, nici măcar nu ar exista. M-ai luminat, m-ai străfulgerat şi, în cele din urmă, ai vindecat orbirea mea. În acest fel, tu vei fi un refugiu al păcii și o sursă de bogăție pentru alții. N-a avut medicamente, si totusi I se spunea Vindecator.